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Reasons for Change

Did you know that every year more than 1500 suicides take place at inpatient hospital units throughout the United States? And of that 1500, more than 70% of self-harm attempts are as a result of Strangulation or Asphyxiation. These are sobering statistics, but when you consider that a great number of these incidents might have been prevented, its become apparent change is needed sooner than later.

Over 38% of the time the primary items utilized for such attempts are sheets or bedding. The reasons are obvious: they are easily accessible and they are easy to manipulate. Typical bed sheets and bedding can be torn or wrapped tightly, increasing the likelihood that a self-harm attempt will be lethal. The Federal National Center For Patient Safety reports that ligatures made from sheets or bedding were used in over 58% of all hanging suicides at inpatient psychiatric units. PubMed 2013

With these startling statistics in mind, Harm Reduction Solutions dedicates its self to creating barriers and providing essential “time-giving delays” that would reduce the likelihood of a self-harm completion. Please click here to learn more.

Protective Therapeutic Environments

Harm Reduction Solutions took a long and in-depth look at the inpatient experience from multiple angles in order to create a soothing and comforting environment for patient care. From our research we have found inpatient complaints where consistent in regards to lack of sleep due to bedding. The noise and sweating that is caused by vinyl mattress with thin sheets creates an environment that is disruptive to the normal sleep pattern. This lack of sleep makes receptiveness to treatment more difficult and can lead to prolonged need for therapy. We have created a solution to help relieve this issue and would like to share it with you. Please click here to learn more.

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About Us

Harm Reduction Solutions was created after personally seeing and experiencing the issues related to inpatient self-harm and suicides. We realized something needs to be done to reduce the possibility of self-harm during treatment when a patient is at his or her most vulnerable time. Harm Reduction Solutions is dedicated to make the inpatient experience as comfortable and soothing as possible. We understand that the best way for a patient to receive treatment, is while in a relaxed soothing environment free of distractions such as not sleeping well or having a guarded feeling of being institutionalized.

Overcoming the traditional ways of the inpatient experience in order to create a safer more healing environment is our primary focus.

We are a proud registered SDVOSB company.

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